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Blade &Soul Kung Fu Master Experience Share

12/17/2015 PM
Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multi-player online role-playing game developed by NCsoft.

Since this year October 30, NCsoft has announced five times of closed Beta testing. Each period lasts four days. This game is hoped to be released in Western territories, will be released on January 19, 2016.

I want to share my experience of Blade & Soul Kung Fu Master before the formal official version released as I started to play Blade & Soul since CBT 3.1 V1 and dungeons are my favorite. Then I collected some necessary points that beginners should know. I need more ways to earn Blade & Soul Gold.
Kung Fu Master
Q: Which class is the most powerful enemy in PVP for Kung Fu master?
A: In my opinion, the combat with Assassin is more difficult compared to Kung Fu Master though it is quite hard to encounter another Kung Fu Master in PVP. If you have played Blade & Soul before, you can know that Assassin’s attack skills are so powerful. If you get an Assassin cast Set Mine which may a huge amount of damages like 14,000 damages! When you get such powerful death attack, you may die if you don’t know how to make full use of counterattack and invincible time of mobile skill. Therefore, when fighting with Assassin, initiative is the most significant thing!

Q: What are the details about Skill Point error happened after 4 consecutive wins?

A: At the start point, I think I used the skill point method in PVE, and I kept fighting for as I believed myself and the result was great. However, I was defeated. Then I changed my mind and reset my talents but the error happened at this time. My Force Punch didn’t get enhanced and the Force Punch combo is unable to be used, which made me failed.

Blade & Soul Gold

I have to say there seems to be some problems on class balance. Kung Fu Master seems over power and Force Master is difficult to win in battle in current PVP. I hope the newly released version of Blade & Soul can improve these questions and make PVP more interesting.

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