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BNS Blade Master Parry Analysis

01/06/2016 AM
As Parry of Blade Master in Blade and Soul is quite powerful, many player think it must be a BUG. In this article I want to specifically explain Parry. If you want to be a good Blade Master in Blade and Soul, this guide is definitely useful for you!

In Blade and Soul, there are active and passive Parry. Active Parry is a skill that you can deflect enemies’ attack by pressing key “1”. It lasts for N seconds and is and is increased by N percent. It is based on parry stats of character menu. It can’t parry all the damage. There are additional parry damage when placing the mouse on the parry of character stats. If you want to buy Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell can provide huge amount of Blade and Soul gold with lowest price and fastest transaction.

The premise of the stats must be white name monsters of the same level. There will be -5% bonus of parry for green name monsters, 10% bonus for gray name monsters and over -10% for red name monster. Maybe the percentage is not so accurate but level suppress does exist, which is the reason for HP consuming with active parry.

Parry mechanism:

Being attacked after parry is state of skill, so players are mobile during the animation in 0.N sec. It is obvious in successive parry. As it is quite short, single parry time is usually ignored.

Counter is a perfect parry. If you are attacked after parry, you can counter 1 time in 0.5 sec. Or you can counter successively in 0.5 sec in the talent tree. Except damge with parry immune, you should block all damage and stun enemies. You can only block the damage when it comes to boss.

Parry range:
Active parry range: the area of around 160 degree in front of the character
Passive parry range: the area of around 240 degree in front of the character. It won't appear if being attacked from the back.

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