2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul - Valkyrie Tower Profile

10/30/2012 AM

  Valkyrie Tower in the previous message has 9 floors in Valkyrie Tower the blade soul goldTV published only seven layers.

  Do not know why less two, perhaps in order to facilitate the next update.

  However, it is said that the Valkyrie tower update is designed to test new career, this new career, do not just Eldar swordsmen. (This sentence appeals to the imagination, Is eighth career should debut?)

  In short, in the open on October 31 Valkyrie tower is only seven layers, layer 7 BOSS is guarding generals Wind Empire Princess Jun Ma Hui Cheng river, while as to why this guy to do BOSS not cicada.However, if in the future to open the last two layers, this guy is the ultimate boss.

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