2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul Valkyrie tower will debut

10/30/2012 AM

        NC Company has been open in mid-October, when first wave of 7wave: base of storm Pelamis, which is a large copy of the 24 people.

  October 31, hanbok blade and soul will continue blade and soul of the second wave: Valkyrie tower will soon officially open!

  blade and soul gold edit By understanding Valkyrie tower is the most senior copy of a single, a total of 9 floors, the increase of the degree of difficulty is also a layer-by-layer, in the 7th layer appears the Princess guard Zheng Zhongshen God benefits.

  Do not underestimate this process river, he himself is a swordsman, and is said to be more difficult to get than the the Murloc family lair of Lu Xun, and now the players to a single brush Lu Xun careless words are likely to hang, not to mention singled out a sword Guests had. (Everyone should be memorable the silver two branches of the South China Sea Fleet, with the bad mission is to eradicate)

  blade and soul gold a Little Tip: In fact, Fukatsu tower very early on in the original paintings as well as the client, just has not been open, and as 7wave the second wave, I believe that to be able to give players quite surprise.

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