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The importance of the blade and soul attack:crit

10/30/2012 PM

  High attack power, gang fights BOSS will be very sharp and Why? This is impossible.

  According to Xiao Bian statistics blade soul gold, the most important thing is that the 'fatal (crit)'.

  Role, for example, is divided into two cases of the 268 attack power and 256 attack power.

  - 256 attack crit chance 39.27% ??210.95% crit damage.

  - 268 attack crit chance 36.44% 204.05% crit damage.

  You may say "Oh, definitely 268 attack better, in fact, not so. Some of the copies due to the time requirements, the need for the output of the high-strength, some copies because of the need for long output will generally output about 5 to 6 minutes.

  So the most important is it? Attack or crit?

  blade soul gold show the formula

  268 attack power = 268x0.3644x2.0405 +268 x (1-0.3644) = 369.6144 = 1 attack damage value.

  256 attack power = 256x0.3927x2.1095 +256 x (1-0.3927) = 367.53937 = 1 attack damage value.

  As the results of 256 and 268 before the attack was only then 2.1 damage.

  So this is only wearing 12348, the low crit gossip brand values ??to test.

  268 attack power crit 27.87% 199.43% crit damage

  Then equal 268x0.2787x1.9943 +268 x (1-0.2787) = 342.26586 = damage value

  The 256 ATK crit 31.53% 206.51% crit damage

  Then equal 256x0.3153x2.0651 +256 x (1-0.3153) = 341.97146 = damage value

  Actual harm here is only a thin 0.3.

  On the above results, blade and soul gold want to illustrate points:

  Attack power is not the most important means of output, the actual 280 + attack met many, but they feel that their attacks on the high very discriminate against those with low attack, and 20% crit attack 260 + players up the output will obviously be a lot worse.


  No matter how much crit chance, crit damage is low, the output is still low.

  There are even though the crit, crit damage is very high, but no attack power is not enough.

  Balanced attack, crit, crit damage before they can damage output high efficiency.

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