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Features of the game "blade and soul online"

10/31/2012 AM

  [Game Features]

  The Korean name factory NCSOFT Company after following the "heaven", "paradise", "Aion" MMORPG launched a new MMORPG "blade and soul".

  "Blade and sou" in the background of the creative world, describes the dry, Kun, the best story of phosphorus four races.

  And, like the development of the "blade and sou" target "new experience" as players will experience the existing MMORPG experience less than the novelty of the world.

  (1) The support force feedback vibration Joysticks

  "Blade and sou" is the the mainland first set of support the vibration Joysticks RPG, allowing the player to the mouse and keyboard, added a new choice to fully feel attacked or beaten in the game back to the players hands Joysticks the force That dynamic.

  (2) sound immersive 3D environment sound field

  Martial arts RPG, the mainland first set with 3D sound rather than stereo sound, the sound in the game is no longer limited to only the left and right channels, fully compatible with the scene, story, combat, allowing the player to better sound immersive.

  (3) swords system

  With infinite possible combinations of results self-named for the weapons, and to create a truly their own weapons. The weapons in the game there are three to get it to purchase, acquire, casting. Players can own foundry casting skills before casting skills, players can play in the larger cities to find the blacksmith casting weapons in the smithy, but they can only cast a "better" weapons, To cast a masterpiece weapons, must rely on their own casting skills.

  In the casting process, is no longer a fixed weapons to be material, but to give the players their own portfolio, regardless of how the combination can be cast out of the weapons and property completely different for each weapon combination of up to thousands of species. Alternate weapons when the player casting a weapon, own name, rather than the common go-getters, Moye, Juque, to create a truly their own weapons.

  (4) refining drugs

  The purchase of the drugs in the game through three ways to obtain, refine. When players get refined skills can own refining, before the players made refining skills, players can be found in the big city pharmacies doctor refining drugs (limited refining buy drugs), when the players want to extract the good drugs, you have to collect herbs for refining, and refining the skill level related to the quality of drugs. Most refined drugs, when the Players refined mystery of drugs, can be re-named.

  (5) the top five attributes skills system, increase the role of culture ingredients, clearly distinguish between the roles respectively

  Using players to their assigned attribute part of the "blade and sou" in this way can often be seen in a normal game, so in order to let the "blade and sou" attribute unique, made part of the increase and correction, "blade and sou" the property is divided into five attributes the legend (gold), agility (wood), the footwork (water), martial arts (fire), medicine (soil), when the end of the battle, players can get points to increase their own attributes, addition each property of their respective owners three skills of the 15 skills (such as casting, counterattacks, dodge ...... and so on), so the players can make the character has an average of each skill, and also Specialization a several, allowing the player to decide for themselves.

  (6) random AI system, highlighting the characteristics

  Distinguishable characteristics of the characters, such as games Mangfu characters, and will continue to attack in the battle, does not care about the amount of physical strength or internal forces, doctor characters, does not focus on the attack, but care about peer physical or internal forces.

  The more humane AI, each character in the game will not stolid of fixed attack blade and sou enemy will be wise to make players afraid, for example: When our characters dying enemy will lock the name of our companions violent attack, of course, the enemy will find our defense weak companions to attack the other personality is more cowardly enemy will propose conditions when the enemy dying request players to spare his life ..... and so like variety, so players will soon face the real enemy.

  (7) weather, night drawing system

  Introduced as blade and gold soul to say,this system may have some people have made, but the "blade and sou" Players will be able to feel the impact of the weather, the day, change. Rain, snow, to increase weather changes in the game, players will be able to see the rainy snow, into battle, players will be available to the feel, each person's actions will slow down when the attack hit rate, rather than just visual changes alone. during the day, night game reaction with the human world, so we added the change of day and night.

  To be different, by adding the following change: some of the enemy during the day is a normal person, night has changed a personality, for example: the the courtly scholar in the evening into a perverted killer prettily rich princess night turned into the extraordinary skill of the female cat burglar.

  (8) new visual-kei battle

  "Blade and sou" true reproduce martial arts fighting telepresence, if you've seen a martial arts movie, I believe you must be aware of the martial arts moves, sound and light effects, the most important thing is that the two sides of a fight over spilled items flying figures The audience ran, so the "blade and sou" In addition to the essential sound and light effects, specifically making moves editor, true rendering of the points moves three transformations, Lingboweibu and other actions, rather than just a sound and light effects only, in addition to the fighting in nearby objects and even full figures will field fly real presented martial arts fighting.

  (More game news visit blade soul gold  News: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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