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Blade and soul gold Game News:Knowledge of the "blade and soul OL"

10/31/2012 AM

 【Restore props]

  Addition to dying luck Pranayama to recuperate in the game, the players can use props to recuperate.

  "Syrup" and "food" two recovery props in the game.


  When food use is sitting on the ground to eat the blood back to the state, but in a certain period of time, it will continue to recuperate.

  (The CB1 early buns is 20 seconds)

  Blade and soul gold Game News:Knowledge of the "blade and soul OL"

  If the player move appears to eat on the way you have been away from eating state, the state will be the end of the return to the blood, and the food consumed a.

  Eat like a similar general MMORPG sit down and rest back to the blood, there is no way to sit down when there is no food on their own blood back only natural recovery slowly.

  Compared to the same time in the early medicine and food, the Food and ability to return to the blood, of course stronger than syrup very much (but the food is safe when you can eat).

  When players eat when food appearance will automatically generate a three-stage changes

  Bun when the countdown, and the hands of the buns have a bite to eat half eaten three drawings respectively, the surface slowly reduce the final eaten noodles.

  The food can be produced in the game, "Kitchen" and "pottery workshop" in the game, the former can produce food, which can make food containers.

  Before the show the movie once show fishing system, players can be achieved through the fishing ingredients.

  The developers said that food occupies a very important position in the game (he can return to the blood is of course important)


  Use potions can instantly recuperate reply less than the food, but there is a certain cooling time (the CB1 early syrup to cool for 60 seconds)

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