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Where can I buy the blade and soul gold

10/31/2012 PM

  So far, the sword of the Spirit game gold trading in the United States have not started,but www.bladesoulonline.net has already started preparing services for the majority of players, game gold trading has many years of history, can provide the safest games gold transaction protection, so, where can I buy the gold coins of the sword of the Spirit? Please go to http://www.bladesoulonline.net/

  About blade and soul gold,Do you have any specific conditions for buyer about game currency?

  Yes. The specific conditions are provided by bladesoulonline.net and apply to our customers’ purchase on virtual game currency.

  All game currencies will be sent to the customers’ in-game characters within 24 hours after the confirmation of a successful payment.

  If customers do not receive their game currency within 72 hours of payment, we will process a full refund.

  The following circumstances are excluded:

  a. Servers are under maintenance or under other conditions that do not allow users to log in.

  b. Customers who need to do face-to-face trading are not online.

  c. Incorrect character information or email addresses provided by customers.

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