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You understand the blade and soul gold of the "blade and soul OL" channels

10/31/2012 PM

    "Blade and soul OL" a lot of players are playing, but certainly do not understand when a novice player starts playing each channel, blade and soul gold edit today took a closer look.


  The game map system into a very convenient setting, but not destroy the fun of the game.

  Players as long as you can press M to open map, the map has been will remain in the upper right corner.

  More than several map will automatically zoom the N key translucent functionality.

  Scale concept zoomable map perspective.

  [Map task marked

  The Game task information is closely integrated with the map.

  When players approached the task after the addition to have approached NPC location marked on the map, but also the task goal area marked.

  When the red oval part of the screen, it shows players where the mission objectives range will be displayed when the mouse is moved up in the region is the goal of which task.

  Displayed below the blue oval marked, on behalf of the players have completed related tasks can be marked in accordance with the map to go to the NPC at the return of the yellow arrow.

  [Map transfer]

  In the game, the village does not send NPCs, but players can be transferred between designated locations.

  Players anywhere to open the map can be sent to the delivery point of the country has been enabled.

  How to do it? "Wings" button when we press the top right of the map interface, will appear around the delivery point of the option.

  When you enable the delivery point "blue wings", did not start the delivery point is the gray wings.

  When the players in the past have been to the delivery point location the Teleport will start, allowing the player later can be returned at any time there.

  The players can specify any location directly on the map transfer.

  Transfer flight operators need to consume to scroll back to the village-like props.

  Transfer number of consumed flight break, how far related to fly with the players, such as the bottom of the player would like to fly far away from the location of the delivery point, it is necessary to two breaks.

  Cast transmission takes ten seconds, cooling time after the transfer, and can not be transmitted continuously.


  And part of the MMORPG practice is similar to the game, there will be multiple map channels allows players to choose, the allocation of the flow of people within the same map.

  Channel switching copy very fast, almost did not feel the switch is completed.

  The switch channels cooling time, not continuous switching.

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