2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul assassin roles and skills introduced

11/01/2012 AM


  First, blade and soul of the world, the assassin's attack ability is very high. It can be said that he is sacrificing defense capabilities to enhance the ability to attack.

  Secondly assassin in occupational settings on defense is relatively low, the assassin in many places and there is no advantage at all (do not know) late proposed assassin can put traps to attack.

  PK positioning:

  Speaking think the boxing with disabilities is the most powerful test, but now may have to change to make people joined the assassins after boxing with disabilities top position, this career is let you PK, blade and soul gold running up the fight, look at the operating level of the individual. His combo skills is not worse than boxing with disabilities how much, blade and soul gold that rose more, plus you use in a variety of skills is simply God horses are clouds ah, no one would want to touch in a duel to you.

  Skills to select:

  We all know that the skills of the Assassin, would like to know the practicality of these skills, else that time also want to learn, that want to learn, will be a headache. The following blade and soul gold to introduce under 15 level stage must learn some skills and some experience of my own, and we want to help:

  1.15 to 19

  Will learn skills: Smoke practice

  Recommended Skills: shadow offensive

  Select Skills: Illness electric (flame devil (final BOSS) mobile) smokescreen temper (flame devil (final BOSS))

  2.20 to 24

  Will learn skills: cobwebs practice

  Recommended Skills: hot air leaves practice, shadow offensive honing, mines honing cobwebs strengthen

  20 when, after learning the cobwebs, Assassin trampled life began.

  Cultivation of leaf hot air is high damage the aerial combos start the first step, first use shadow offensive to cut each other's defense then stealth are good the viability attack force. Opposite temper the effect of mines is not so good, but in order to be the next stage of learning to reduce landmine cooling time skills or to learn. The last cobwebs strengthen assassin's nirvana can, it is necessary to learn.

  3.25 ~ 29

  Will learn skills: burrowed array practicing

  Recommended Skills: lightning cultivation, mines skilled, cobwebs temper

  Lightning is a series of when using leaf hot air hit the enemy into the air and attack the enemy's skill attack damage is very large so will learn. The Landmine skilled Reduces the cooldown of 4 seconds, both single populations brush or team are quite easy to use. The cobwebs temper assassin chakra consumption is reduced by 1, although not a big role, but in order to enter the next phase of this skill must have to learn.

  4.30 to 34

  Will learn skills: shadow chopped practice

  Recommended Skills: fast transfiguration cobwebs extend

  Select skills: shadow chopped stealth, time-bound bomb practice

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