2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul away river revenge mission Detailed

11/01/2012 PM

  1 no limit to the number of times a day.

  2.43 to enter, does not mean that 43 clearance.

  3 copies of a time-limited, such as 5,7 layer.

  4 will increase the difficulty / Simple mode selection, clearance of the ranking system.

  Valkyrie tower is the Fukatsu veteran confrontation devil built the Tower of practice, process river emergence of practice also because revenge enter Fukatsu tower.

  6 there will be a higher number of layers, this update only seven layers.

  7 since called Fukatsu tower, then the latter will encounter Valkyrie BOSS.

  8-way river skills to consider adding to the swordsman.

  9. Directly from a layer of a direct challenge to the system (case 1: for example, needs to be repaired weapons) will increase.

  10 single / team clearance of the options under consideration.

  More than 43 characters into the game will automatically prompt a acceptable task, click flew the bagpipes Unions npc with tasks automatically open Fukatsu tower Teleport

        Do you want to buy the balde and soul gold?

  Flew Valkyrie Tower layer door npc to complete tasks, boarded on both sides of the stairs, 2nd Floor, npc small house to accept the day-to-day tasks, then return to the floor, and just inside the npc dialogue, to complete the task, the opposite is Valkyrie the tower first layer, into the single copy

  Layer, the ax will poison, Boxer will arson, Qigong will put ice, four zombie strange, to pay attention to his teammates together technology teammate put all kinds of weakness, fell to the ground skills is when zombies big strokes. A zombie hat (killed after the storm, it is estimated that there will be a full set of zombie fashion, the Friends group hit a surface decorated feels weird)

  Five, killed by a stone gargoyle gave a silver ring and an unidentified blood (Ring Properties: 850, Defense 100, evaded 100)

  Six, shake turntable, randomly select a boss, shake out a Porco Rosso boss, the swordsmen no (single brush Porco's pressure -) to get an earring silver (earrings attributes: ATK 5 through 100, chasing injury 4)

  Seven too gave a hat?

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