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Blade and soul is an awesome and totaly new game

11/01/2012 PM

  Blade and soul is an awesome and totaly new game

  · Totally different from the previous games of NCsoft

  Blade and soul is amazing! It has such a unique style that it is totally different from "Paradise" series and "Aion" ,so NC will certainly attract more players without reduce the amount of "Paradise" series and "Aion" players. Regrettable, role can only attack enemy in front of him,although 1v1 when the fight is very exciting, but if a third party to intervene, the fight becomes very difficult.

  · Some of the new battle mode are boring

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  Glamorous roles are very exciting, the Kun family roles are the cohesion of essence. But it's a pity that selectable career for each race is restricted.

  · Plot called a must

  Although it is a bit naive, but it's very satisfactory that the story focus on the NCP expansions. less than half an hour later after creating a role, the players will get into the game because of the perfect story. I believe that such an attempt will make a lot of the Oriental fantasy fans happy.

  · Novice players get started easily

  "Blade ans soul" realize the convenience and fun at the same time. Taking boxing solider as an example, he can take advantage of the "rebuttal" to bounce off the enemy's attack, its action is reminiscent of the classic fighting game, which is full of interesting.

  · To see a game character is better than to play games

  I personally thank the jinhengtai art teacher very much, he really created glamorous roles and push the essence of the "looming" higher.

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