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Experience Fun blade and soul

11/01/2012 PM

  I Lux, and into various related gossip sets, crit, defense, a great hero, with gossip As for the various occupations, blade and soul gold recommendations based on their professional orientation and a copy of the requirements to match. For example, the output of natural high crit, T Well, swordsmen Block, the boxer is to dodge certainly useful, and then there is the embarrassment of occupation is the control of the Department of Lux control system is sure to be a comprehensive range properties Gaocai line, because the control but play Lux brothers and sisters should appreciate over control often in addition to a copy of which is also served with a variety of work output Well one thing, T thing occasionally T look, said white is a one size fits all , in addition to the control of nothing good but a little bit of everything.

  Well, the above is a bunch of nonsense, the following briefly about blade and soul gold awareness gossip system.

  Decks gossip except open jewelry blade and soul the role of the sources of all the properties, so its important position can not be overlooked, not just the suit property can also be used to synthesize an unusual brand of gossip, synthetic dual properties can only select a property to attach.

  blade and soul gold remember Posts synthesis gossip growth value, not to be overlooked or the novice not seen, the the synthetic main card of every piece of gossip (that is, you can use the piece) his ability to grow value is on line, specifically how many here did not have detailed data every one on the line, but you can be sure that the same brand of gossip, the quality of different growth value, the higher the quality of growth higher the value, the higher the level of gossip-based growth higher value.

  Vice career making gossip:

  The crit Suigetsu plains Mingjiang the synthetic brand on the 8th crit Vice occupation, this gossip made out a set of each number only one property, but this property is particularly high and can not be used in the main The cards accepted synthesis, it is generally used as a synthesis of the cards, you want to synthesis a crit on the cards do it all with the 8th brands, growth value of your main brand attribute absolute storm.

  Went on to say just the growth of value if your water plains Mingjiang the crit synthetic brand (163 crit kind) made the cards synthesis to mercenary crit plates above the green quality bonded to the 8th main cards also 30 crit, you also co crit 76 up 30 points, so simple can know the maximum amount of growth in this mercenary crit card is 30 points crit, the same 163 crit brand If you take synthetic crit above the 8th to the the Moon Water plains hero card over 100 still blast him, because you made the cards with more than 140 crit and up is also a plus over 100 crit, but if you crit 76 synthesis up not so much, so here we have come to a conclusion, the cards are also capable of increasing the ceiling.

  Here, although no detailed description of the sets of gossip growth and increasing the ceiling of the decks blade and soul gold, not the detailed practical vocational gossip with, simply explain that thing about gossip, know these things you want together what attributes also pumping up a sign to see the value of his growth, and will also be able to ensure minimum consumption make the maximum upper limit.

  Results of the main card decks

  Suigetsu plain great hero famous synthetic brand of the 8th over 160 crit crit over 100

  Suigetsu plains Hero No. 8 synthesis famous brand over 140 crit crit ibid.

  Suigetsu plains Hero No. 8 synthesis famous brand 76 crit crit less than 100

  Mercenary team gossip licensing the 8th synthesis famous brand crit 160 crit crit 30

  Mercenary team gossip licensing the 8th synthesis famous brand crit 140 crit crit 30

  The mercenary team gossip license No. 8 synthesis famous brand crit 76 crit crit 30

  The mercenary team crit gossip license on the 8th crit crit crit plates 76 below 30

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