2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The four ethnic introduction of the "blade and soul"

11/01/2012 PM

  Dry family

  Inheritors of the spirit of the race, of Phoenix dry tribe has the elegance and beauty looks.

  Dry family likes to get close to nature, from the mundane mundane affairs, respect for the arts. Respect for the laws of nature, the emphasis on order and structure. The stem family entirely the family dry by women for humans is the existence of belonging to the legendary.

  The best family

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  Their efforts and wisdom is the the basaltic symbol they have unlimited potential.

  The best family looks on, and ordinary people are generally no different, but they have a special ability is part of a special human race. They have more robust than the human body and the brightest minds. Have a strong talent in all aspects.

  Kun family

  As their name (Kun: originally referred to earth) is very strong.

  Ancient dragon, has a tough life and giant stature. Tough, and has a strong destructive than any race to become a human object of fear.

  Lin family

  This is a shape has big ears and a tail and a petite cute race.

  Born small LORI they have talent on the five senses, to compensate for the lack of physical, has a stronger ability to survive than other races. Legend Zhongtian Gate has the power of the animal unicorn, sympathetic outsider space is developed, and the sword of the spirit world, they play Underworld and Once upon a time the role of the intermediate hub.

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