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blade and soul gunfire Lan refresh Detailed

11/02/2012 AM

  Since the the 24 Storm Pelamis supply base open, a lot of players confused Storm gunfire Lan in the end is how to refresh? Been waiting for two hours in that did not refresh, while some people go to refresh, in the end what is situation? following questions.

  First back and forth BOSS 1,2,3 dry down three times three BOSS kill figures accumulated to 3/3/3, this time you can go to the Storm gunfire Lan.

  Here to draw attention to the brush to the second and third rounds, the second is sometimes difficult to refresh, this time we can find in the room with a big chef hat monster kill about 3-4 minutes then second child will refresh, while the youngest may be a delay of 5 minutes to refresh.

  Recommend to a loop: platform hidden BOSS killed to the person to confirm whether the old 3 refresh, as has been refreshed, and that the next over. Early blown away, skipped. Direct cycle a BOSS, If you want to secure the best to keep people watching the youngest, because sometimes stick very shameless, go directly kill III ran and gunfire Lan ...

  Another point to and say the strike after the to kill Storm gunfire Lan will be 100% refresh a hidden BOSS, BOSS drop 220 With Four weapons, weapons the property can refresh BOSS categories judge.

        We will provide you with more blade and soul gold new.

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