2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

blade and soul skills practitioners tips

11/02/2012 PM


  Aggressive behavior will be in the game through the skills to launch, if there is no auto-attack, no Pugong

  Early in the game, players can learn new skills by novice task after another

  Newly learned skills will be automatically placed in a fixed shortcuts position

  The body of the hotkey configuration will vary in accordance with the the players status of different,

  Monster distance a little far when, for example, the swordsmen who's key will automatically appear Flying skills

  The skills of the practitioners of the start of the 15 tasks players to open the "skills Discipline System

  The skills practitioners bit like talent points and acquire new skills, "the play

  By practitioners of different systems "with points" can learn new skills, and change their existing skills effect

  15 each upgrade available for at least a little practitioners Points (perhaps more to obtain the number of points of the pipe)

  The limited because practitioners Points in the number of routes, players must choose the skills they want to want Specialization

  This system will be able to deepen the gaming experience, even with professional players may also be due to the different distribution point has a completely different skill effects with battle mode

  Enter combat mode, the left is to learn to when players consume points and choose the skills, you can learn new skills

  Into battle mode right practitioners, this area players can consume points allow existing skills to produce different changes

  Very simple options on the left point after you get a new skill, and skill specialization On the same row on the right side, you can modify the effect of existing skills through the options on the right part specifically Featured items pre-skills , after some modifications election to the first point of complete pre-modify the project in order to continue to select projects.

  Following blade and soul gold change practitioners to give you a few skills examples:

  Not practitioners such as boxing with disabilities "boxing" General monomer attack through practitioners boxing changed to "Kuangchong boxing into a range attack

  Into the next round Kuangchong boxing changed to "Rampage boxing", in addition to the range of attacks can also knock down in front of goal, and Zhenfei other goals

  In addition to the single skill enhancement, through practitioners to strengthen basic R key combos replies MP speed, so you'll always have plenty of MP to cast other skills

  Practitioners reset

  Practitioners with the point can be reset, simple press the reset button in the practitioners of the interface the lower right corner to pay Reset

  Players use interface practitioners more points, the higher spending time reset

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