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Blade and soul that you do not understand

11/02/2012 PM

  According to who broke the news, the national dress sword of the Spirit recent news frequent, and very likely in the near future, the second test, while a lot of players in a smattering of state for the sword of the Spirit, then today follow the blade soul gold up to find out more about the blade and sou relative to other online games advanced, these features are other online games do not have, so that you understand the different blade and sou. Maybe beta, and other U.S. service skills of the players on the higher.

  1, smart QTE

  Real-time interactive multi-push

  (The intelligent push) Most of the mainstream online games skill variety proud, but also ignored the players to get started Cheong cool. Blade and sou QTE fully the skills concentrated and determined through smart to changing skills and status category, called the unique setting of the game.

  Extraordinary spirituality, complexity simple the very intellectual skills in real-time push

  Pioneered online intelligent the QTE system of, a hundred different skills depth concise, real-time key feedback, smart decision to push minimalist operating detonated the extraordinary smooth cool experience.

  2, offense and defense

  Pioneered mmorpg see the offensive and defensive game of give them

  Fighting philosophy with battle game need dismantling, evasive, counterattack skills against an opponent and then carried out the attack, this highly strategic, Battle to very interesting and great changes. Skills combined with a strong fight against flu should be changed from time to time, and the sword of the Spirit fights like most of the exciting action movie.

  The micromanagement offensive and defensive systems is brainwave Zhaxian, adopted piecemeal measures, the offensive and defensive agitation Variety war situation

  The first MMORPG offensive and defensive game play, the introduction of the concept of Ge game, waiting in the wings, adopted piecemeal, sometimes hair skills combined, Ge Bureau interesting multiple, highly operational and strategic.

  3, intelligent lock

  s First the mmorpg dual-mode semi-locked

  Between the locking and non-locking between the role mostly while moving side to display their normal attacks and skills, even if there is no enemy can also be an empty place. The attack distance range and orientation will affect whether to hit, very strong sense of space. But sight must be the center of the screen lock will hit the enemy. If it is not locked, the attacker track even after the enemy will not produce damage (AOE skills except) (or essentially locked).

  AI Chi locked mode

  Six well-informed, eye move your feet, full automatic target lock

  First MMORPG "dual-mode semi-locked" mode, a unique semi-lock mode mobile synchronization Zhong line does not attack, combined with striking distance, range, orientation to determine the elements to maximize enhance the sense of space.

  4 punch

  The first online game combining static and dynamic side by side punch

  (Highlight individual exist) emphasis on combining static and dynamic, far-tapping the recent anti occupational fighting skills complement each other, as well as side by side battle with various occupational. Large BOSS battle, the output of the combination of different genres fighting skills, will instantly get the perfect performance of collusion, so as to maximize the effect of fighting.

  Double arrogance punch tactics

  Consonance that tacit instantaneous received vocational skills side by side Combination

  Pioneered online career punch mode, the many occupations martial arts attack in recent anti-complementary, and the combination of skills side by side output, performance of instant tacit operation to achieve the perfect combination, highlight individual existence.

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