2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Share blade and soul swordsman drew out his sword skills

11/03/2012 PM
  Today blade and soul gold edit the range of skills we focus analysis "blade and soul" swordsman drew out his sword.

  [Lightning chopped]: We found that lightning is also cut out the explosion, injury worse doubled, which is the key to Lightning chopped usage. Chopped in the the monster weak state of the Lightning be an additional bonus, blade and soul gold hit the full moon + shoulder + Lightning chopped + draw his sword (flash) as a set of skills, the first full moon chopped benefits in first full moon chop then lightning chopped figure significantly sword action, the time delay in there easily after a weak period without additional effects.

  [Flash]: a flash explosion injured at least 250%, then the flash order added a very impressive explosion injured.

  [Draw his sword]: draw his sword when the explosion injured about 250%, while the apparent burst rate also improved a lot, which is to draw his sword, to enhance the effect of the second order. So draw his sword, the output is actually in no way inferior to the sting, sting than well in some cases completely.

  PS: The above are  bladed soul gold edit personal point of view, there is hope that we can discuss, blade and soul, you love love Swordsman players provide more convenience improvements.

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