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The mobile giant or push Mobile "blade and soul"

11/05/2012 AM
  NCsoft signed a contract with the Japanese mobile game operator DeNA cooperation, adaptation of the well-known online game "blade and soul" will be developed into a mobile game.

  South Korean media reports, NCsoft, with DeNA contract "blade and soul" of this game brand, made ??into a mobile game reached a cooperation agreement. The report pointed out that the two sides did not reveal the "blade and soul" mobile game will be launched, but what kind of platform DeNA rich R & D experience in mobile social games (games celebrity), the industry what form (game information) speculated that the "blade and soul" could be developed into a social game (game news), but this claim has not been confirmed.

  NCsoft actively into the field of mobile phones, "blade and soul" will launch a mobile phone game, NCsoft August with another famous mobile game makers in Japan (Game Information) GREE announced a partnership and cooperation to build its popular role-playing game (game celebrity) "paradise "mobile phone version of the game, and the goal to enter the global market.

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