2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul character attributes to upgrade method

11/05/2012 PM
Swordsman: ATK 4 star, Block 2 stars 3 stars shortcomings crit: HP together pretty good.

  Qigong: ATK 5 crit 5! Disadvantages: defense is too low, HP is not. Easy to be second, but the sword of the Spirit the only high outbreak DPS.

  Call of Duty: attack force 3 Star 3 Star crit, avoiding the shortcomings of the 3-star: because cat itself is not very strong, but it is not easy to die.

  Assassin: 5 attack power, crit 4 stars, avoid the 4 star shortcomings: low defense the the HP less computer configuration bad, do not touch this profession tragedy.

  Lux: ATK 2 star, 5 defense! Disadvantages: attack, no crit, attack speed slow. Career but never die. Certainly Lux.

  Boxer: ATK 4 star, crit 4 Star drawback: the Daguai offensive, but play with the technology, parry good can a single drop of blood that does not cost.

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