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Blade and Soul daily tasks tips

11/05/2012 PM
A decomposition hero card weapons

  In order to get the Southern heaven currency decomposition Hero class weapons before. Below explain how to obtain these currencies.

  1, you want to obtain the hero card weapons must do big hero card-level daily tasks. Suigetsu plains ghosts, cloud forest area daily are the hero card task.

  2, with a big hero card exchange hero card weapons decomposition for Southern heaven iron coins.

  3, the Southern Kingdom of Heaven to collect a certain amount of iron coins in exchange of the southern kingdom of heaven blue weapons decomposition to obtain the southern kingdom of heaven silver again.

  Collect a certain amount of the southern kingdom of heaven silver in the exchange of the southern kingdom of heaven hero weapons (pink) again decomposition of Southern heaven coins.

  Second, how currency exchange goods

  Is very different from the types of cobble together a certain amount of currency to the above method, according to the number of currency exchange. While you want to exchange the most superior the hero class weapons need a lot of money, but want to change the jewelry take several currencies. Currency exchange NPC in Suigetsu the plains Sea Shue warehouse NPC next.

  blade and soul gold Comments: The students wanted to change weapons can abandon the pit father too. Do daily tasks (Sword of the Spirit mission system) every day to get just over 20 want to change the big hero cards weapons must be a whole spectrum of more than 50 that is 2 to 3 days. In the decomposition. To decompose at least three to change the most superior (blue) weapons. Want to change the hero class weapons must decompose most superior weapons acquisition silver coins and silver coins back to the Hero class weapons. Want to change the hero class weapons (attack is fixed at 209) is probably at least a week now. This time. . You can go to child artillery Lan take 242 assault weapons. For jewelry can recommend jewelry very good properties need less amount of money.

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