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Blade and Soul Guinness signs skills Share

11/05/2012 PM
    Lux as a relatively balanced blade and soul career, and domineering appearance, loved by players, the skills of Guinness is very characteristic, following blade and soul gold to share with everyone signs skills learned to use wrestlers .

  1, Tornado (key Tab): Lux is most proud of the skills is absolutely whirlwind, the groups hurt repeatedly attacked, instantaneous cooling. +2 Point talent, the whirlwind increase to 1.8 times the movement speed, 400% of the defense force, but the attack is reduced by 25%. Strange group in the sword of the Spirit is absolutely NO.1.

  + To 2 tier, third tier talent points will increase after the injury, with flame effects, internal forces to reduce, but to remove 400% defensive effect and can not be moved (very high damage). Tier 4 is in the three-tier talent on the basis of further increase + damage, not the point. That I really, really want to + 4 Tier, very substantial damage first turn consume 30 internal forces whirlwind consecutive points TAB continuous attack, the internal force decreased by 10 per as thugs monomer output is very NB Unfortunately, you can not move, and interrupted after a long cooling time (like 45S, remember).

  2, an impregnable fortress (key 4): natural skills, but also a proud skills and no counterattack skills Lux impregnable fortress, it is particularly important. 4 seconds back to the blood by 20%, to cool for 45 seconds, 2 Tier branch:

  When attack dizziness or weakness goals storm 2200 (1) the left side of talent points and skills into attack skills, the damage is huge (32 +);

  (2) the right skill point four seconds to restore 30% additional stun, the cooling increase to 60S.

  The recommendations point out the right side of the Layer 2 talent.

  3, control (key F): signs skills, but can not be called a proud skills, not practicality. Personal feeling of the biggest advantages is what can grasp the various BOSS various caught, then stand and other teammates security output, and then thrown into the sky to drop down.

  The crawl can pick four skills (late):

  (1) pieces hit, can knock down near the strange vampire effect (close to nil);

  (2) iron Tougong, damage skills, the general effect;

  (3) to throw 15 meters (talent skill), fell to the ground three seconds, in addition to showing off not find what practicality (BOSS may be playing a special role, experts please advise);

  (4) floating.

  Control the talent does not recommend the point, 2-point talent + control 2S, lower 2-point talent + energy recovery 20 (did not realize).

  4, a broken leg, button 3, weak effect 2S + talent after four seconds vertigo, fell to the ground, weak effect. Skills I did not quite understand, some blame can fall to the ground, can not be a little weird, but not lying on the ground and knelt down, certainly a weak effect. 4S ah! ! Regarded as proud techniques.

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