2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul occupational equipped with common sense

11/05/2012 PM
       Swordsman: after the upgrade if the attribute points to attack Block crit!

  Wearing jewelry: rings two, a necklace, earrings two! Attack power crit the Block crit damage additional damage with more than the recommended jewelry blue jewelry

  Gossip wearing: Preferred crit then you can fill it together sets of synthetic hit Block brand

  Qigong: attribute points to crit attack force

  Attack force recommended crit blast injury, wearing jewelry:

  The gossip to wear: the crit set synthetic crit in general. Of qigong is full crit

  Call of Duty: attribute points: crit avoidance HP ceiling

  Jewelry worn: the recommended crit the HP increase evaded to summon as a secondary HP propped up. Upgrade send evade attribute points. Therefore, the increase evaded good

  Gossip wear: crit sets of synthetic evasive defense sets of synthetic crit with various options to see how you have chosen

  Assassin: attribute points: crit evade attack force

  Jewelry to wear: Recommended crit attack power to avoid

  The gossip wear: evasive sets crit crit sets evade

  Lux: attribute points: defense HP limit

  Recommended defense HP limit damage reduction, wearing jewelry:

  The gossip to wear: Defense sets of semi-crit half defense defense sets semi-hit semi-crit crit sets the whole defense

  The Lux high anti-blood thick, pre-is not obvious, to 29 to fight the forces task when you feel sick. Defense Lux's key late you will know

  Boxer: crit attack power

  Jewelry to wear: attack power crit blast injuries

  The gossip wear: set crit crit sets it. Because the not how attention boxer, so please yourself in the major forum search about boxer posts

  blade and soul gold Tips: jewelry inside with the attack force, certainly money ultimately. Attack, although not much, but it is clear.

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