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Blade and soul shortcuts

11/12/2012 PM
 Key operation

  The whole game all combatants are relying on the left hand keys to fat strokes, while the mouse is used to adjust the vision and role of direction

  The battle of the game will let players "left hand is very busy."


  Each skill buttons usually have their own fixed position, learned later will automatically configure on the premises

  R: The main attack button (usually combos will be automatically connected to this key, press R can be continuous moves)

  TAB: key skills (common configuration for the consumption of the air force (MP) skills, as well as a special non-locking range of skills)

  F: wildcard key will be used to display their skills

  1, 2, 3, 4: skills (skills) of common configuration for the consumption of the air force (MP)

  Z, X, C, V: skills (common configuration skills need to consume the air force (MP))

  Q, E Skills (two keys on the screen does not appear in certain occupations can learn two key skills, such as boxing Guests will be able to move to the enemy side)

  F1, F2, F3, F4: skills (not yet appear corresponding to skills, the future may appear)

  5,6,7,8: props (food, medicine)


  Right: the role of advanced

  Mouse wheel: zooms

  The left mouse button drag: vision rotation

  Right drag: the role of rotation


  Y, U, I, O, P, J, K, N, M: open each interface shortcuts

  Arrow keys: front, back, left, right

  home, end, pageup, pagedown: adjust the view through the lens

  PrintScreen (PrtScn): photography

  CTRL Z: hide the interface

  ENTER: chat

  T: passphrase

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