2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul team strong control essential

11/12/2012 PM
Qigong in Blade and soul which is good, such as the Monkey King is now the basic needs of Qigong

  However, I personally feel Qigong leveling a little hard, because qigong need to be running with playing in the field (of course, you have to stand top drug line)

  Blade and soul inside wild are basically initiative to blame, so the Qigong in trotting fight the process being easily diverted to blame

  In order not to affect blade and soul gold small for the next few of my skills, I understand

  Blade and soul inside the basic is very important, unlike some of the early game skills to give you play late on ignore

  Blade and soul no mp, so few cell internal forces, basically internal forces in the battle to restore several skills rely on the pre-

  This is the left mouse button skills, hit a recovery 1:00 internal forces, while superimposed 1:00 flames, flames superimposed ceiling 5:00 to 5:00 when the flames superimposed shockwave skill damage is considerable

  This skill is the shock wave, simultaneously the Qigong resist 1 Ranged Damage skills it needs to point talent

  This skill is Right skills can be superimposed frostbite state live in each other when frostbite frozen state to 3:00

  This is a very commonly used skills, can be restored to the 2:00 internal forces can freeze enemies at the same time, non monomer, the location is good can be frozen for several

  This skill is being qigong Dasheng video that cover skills plus talent

  After can be the enemy's weakness fell to the ground, but also a non-monomer skills, at the same time introduced above look can relieve the negative state, but my skills with relatively few. . . . Always felt that the internal forces of consumption of too much

  Next said that under the skills I personally prefer the x bits

  This skill damage is very high. . . . However, using the need to read the article. . . . And the time is still very long talent 3.5s, a lot of people also think that this skill does not work. . However, I personally like to use after freeze enemies. . . .

  Skills I said this a few, these are blade and soul gold personal understanding, we should not have to be applied mechanically, at the same time maybe after their own ideas will change. . . Just to be a reference

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