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"Blade and soul" first professional punch play

11/14/2012 AM
Recently, NCsoft online games company "Blade and soul" combat system fully upgraded the first proposed online vocational punch gameplay, allowing the player to Daguai combination of movement to enhance the game's playable.

  First punch play fighting effect maximize

  Fighting games different from the original Zhan Zhuang 打怪 to flexible to walk, you can see the cross-cut of online fighting players and monsters from the most basic development to smart AI (Sword of the Spirit random AI system) fight. "Blade and soul" On this basis, the emphasis on long-the many career fighting in recent anti-complementary, and the first punch play, so consonance together recruit realized, three-dimensional instantaneous. Punch play, the game allows players to experience the 11> 2> BOSS new experience. Together in joint operations in fighting against large BOSS different occupations with a combined output of skills in a variety of genres, so as to maximize the effect of the battle.

  Test players tacit punch to give players more fun

  Online game development to the present, the various systems being perfected, first punch play on top of this, not only demonstrates the strength of the "Blade and soul", but also a breakthrough for the future development of online games. "Blade and soul" of this innovation, the players also put forward higher requirements. In the the BOSS process of confrontation, the loner has become a thing of the past, players need to rely on the tacit understanding between each and smoother operation (method of operation of the sword of the Spirit), in order to achieve the BOSS kill. Side by side the collusion, punch play brings more players fighting combinations also give players more game fun.

  Two punch of "Blade and soul" first play, is not only an update of the game system, and more, to make new contributions and development ideas online games industry, I believe the "Blade and soul" in the future development of the road players will bring more surprises and become a veritable masterpiece.

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