2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul props debut

11/14/2012 AM
Blade and soul props! Three forces hero weapons & necklace debut

  November 7 update a new career Spirit Swordsman added, has brought great changes to the Blade and soul.

  Meanwhile forces not on the highest level upwards to three, and also add the latest three heroes weapons and 3 hero level necklaces.

  Latest added three the hero weapons with necklace

  Addition before the top level forces weapons and ornaments also add hero level three the Wulin Union League Acts or three believers can use weapons and necklace.

  Unlike previous hero level forces weapons and ornaments, and only needs to reach the purchase can pay a certain amount and then allow the use of level, add this latest hero level three weapons and three necklaces forces do not need to lift the seal with permission The card can use.

  Exchange merchant tent in the mist of the jungle, the license can forward purchase weapons permits a higher level seal 6, decorations permit a higher level seal 3.

  Superior seal need to be raised?

  Superior seal must exchange license is the same as the previous method of mobilizing forces seal. Mist Jungle tent forward the forces NPC solve out, and then after a certain probability creeps forces elite Jianmo the Kun Ming (Wulin Union), their King and Jane Miaoyue (celestial globe to teach)

  Get rid of it.

  With elite forces creeps Kill contribution, you can get pockets of ordinary chop chop pockets and hearty. In the open there will be a chance to get ordinary the seal or superior seal.

  The superior seal can be used before the ordinary forces seal 40 to redeem a superiors seal.

  Whether different hero level that can still forces level to enhance it, now makes more players gathered to fog the jungle forces task of geographical.

  Although it is not difficult to obtain permits to lift the arms or decorations, but want to enhance the level of the forces will take some time to three or expected soon players to exchange three weapons.

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