2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Everyone is Hyung-Tae Kim

11/16/2012 PM
"Blade and soul gold " art director Hyung-Tae Kim's characters have extremely superior visual expression, it's the shaped curve perfect sexy women for the players .

  In particular, we prepared two masters of the original painting line art to let you paint the color, just have a try .

  The works will be voted by the players, the top 50 will also receive a very wise closed beta activation code and the Q coin reward.

  So what, hurry to participate in it!

  Time: November 15 - November 25, 2011

  Voting End Time: Nov. 25

  Award-winning results announced time: December 1

  Participatory approach: players choose the page prompts participate in activities to enter the graffiti page "Hyung-Tae Kim" original painting art processing.

  Blade and soul gold players can tap background of the original painting art processing and then finished click uploading and then complete graffiti work.

  Works audit: the player works audit released daily by the background players published works every day to vote, each qq account should only vote once every 12 hours.

  The activation issue rules: the 50 works that gained the most votes after the polls will get the very wise packaging and testing activation code.

  The Q coin extra reward: the reward of 20 works additional 50QB, the first three works on the basis of the ultimate closed beta activation code and 50QB , and besides , third place 200QB second 300QB first 500QB.

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