2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Gstar2012: "Blade soul gold" won four awards of the Korean game

11/16/2012 PM
         Korea Game Awards 2012 held the awards ceremony last night, the new results is NCsoft developed online games becoming the biggest winner "blade and soul gold " , won the highest honor in one fell swoop Award President's Award, and the game sound, screen role, such as the four major awards.

  The R&D of "Blade and soul gold" more than six years, commence open beta in Korea in June of this year, 15 people online at the same time , and then seize the first list of Korean Internet cafes games, the camp of the game in the third quarter of this year in South Korea close reached 32.7 billion won (about NT $ 8.8 billion) scores.

  The best game awards after the President's Award took by the WeMade's combination of cute female angle style mobile game "Viking Island" award. Excellence Award by the producer of the "king of the world" online game winners surgeon Ndoors's new "mind the Three Kingdoms"; the mobile game winners for AniPang; arcade, table games project "scissors , stone, cloth action "; single game project" DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE ".

  In technical writing awards, except for the project winners screenplay planning to "mind the Three Kingdoms, the game sound for three other awards, game screen roles set by the sword of the Spirit" award.

  Popularity Award, the award-winning online game "Heroes Union", stand-alone project "Diablo 3", the phone game compared to AniPang ", arcade, table games project FERMAT Asia Special Award" The Deer. "

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