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How to form a team with other blade and soul players

11/18/2012 AM
      Form a team is an essential part of any one MMORPG, " Blade and soul gold " is no exception too. At the " Blade and soul gold", each squad can be formed by four players. 

      Now let's make a brief introduction about the form of " Blade and soul" team steps:
      Step one : Click on the object first step, then the right button will have a pop-up menu.
      Step two : Click team invitation. The other will receive tips.
      Step three : Click OK button and then enter the team. Tagged captain. The captain can continue group of people, until the team group is full. Team menu been divided into:  the menu of captain and the players menu. Menu of the players: according to the squad set , about the functions you can take these tips above captain Options. After click, you will receive a prompt. Click OK and then you can leave.

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