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How to complete the blade and soul task?

11/18/2012 AM
        The task within the "Blade soul gold" is divided into: the main quests , side quests, team tasks, daily tasks and camp tasks. Let us explain each type of task one by one.

       1,the main quest
       The main quest in the game by the yellow arrow. It can not give up. Players can complete the task through the map identifies .

        2, side quests
        Players can pick up fetch quests.

        3. Task team
        Team task icon indication is similar to the side quests.But it will marked the Task Tips in the word "team" . It's purpose is to let the players easy to identify.

        4. Daily tasks
        The daily tasks means the players can complete daily mission, it is known as the "daily tasks". But will be marked on the task , daily tasks will also be marked the "daily" in the task, to be identified.


       5 Side

       The camp task is a task for the camp players released. Only the players of the camp can access the camp tasks.The camp tasks are displayed in red.The area of the task prompt players can go to the map completing the task.
Tip of tasks completed.

       6. Tasks logs and tracking
       The quest log is the current task menu that let the player to view . Players can choose to track related tasks.The task directory shows the player tracking task.

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