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"Blade and soul" own four unique fighting characteristics

11/18/2012 PM
 For a long time, the "blade and soul gold" unique combat system settings has attracted the attention of many players. Recently , the official also take four battle specialty into a showcase, and take QTE, offensive and defensive, occupation punch, smart lock to a organic combination, to create a unique battle experience.

  Four fighting innovation will give the player a very intellectual experience .

  "blade and soul gold" is the first online games who created the four battle new system, they are QTE offensive and defensive game, occupational punch, intelligent lock. These four systems allow players to feel a real fight and filled with strategic combat. "blade and soul " fighting concentrated for the defensive , connection and combination , three concepts in total that adopted piecemeal measures . The career offensive and defensive players own unique skills, and then use the smart UI push rapid constitute even strokes. Confrontation BOSS, just need two players to trigger occupational punch system and let the BOSS skills interrupt , so then let other games can not experience BOSS play .


        The novel battle mode break the conventional and make the innovation come true


Whether it is a four combat characteristics, or anti , connection and combination three concepts, the combat system of the " blade and soul gold " is called unique in the existing network games , this innovative battle system broke the combination of the iron triangle in the previous war, law, animal husbandry, . It offered some new ideas for the future development of online games, and deepen the meaning of the battle. Players will no longer bored for the repeat hit monster, but using wisdom fight with counterparties to experience innovative game modes.

  "Blade and soul " also own quality core in its ornate exterior . The concept of defensive, connection and combination is bound to change the understanding of other online game about fighting and become a goal for future innovations .

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