2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

What do you think the blade and soul will be ?

11/19/2012 AM
   At the beginning of this century, when the Chinese online game players just 

contact online games , it's also the prominent time that the Korean game was very 

popular in China , it had accounted for 90% of the market share of the online games 

market before, it let the Chinese players as soon as they thought of online games 

,the beautiful and gorgeous Korea game would occur in their brain .

  But because of the Korean Genre is very single, beautifully spare and connotation 

scarce, as the time go by , then the fine feast also become a kind of "kimchi" in the 

eyes of the blade and soul gold players .

  After a few years later, the irresistible force of the domestic game began to 

rise, even just like the "World of Warcraft" who is on behalf of the European and 

American overseas Corps also swept . The general myth Korea game began to fall the 

mundane world, however, this kind of game that has obvious characteristics and style 

of game types won't fade out of this market.

  In 2009, the South Korean game developers, buttressed a large number of brand-new 

type of gaming products again boarded the center stage of the online world.

  What drawed the most particularly attention is the "blade soul goal" , which has 

occupied the top one among the mass of chinese media ranking list for three 

consecutive years , its exquisite picture, beautiful and sexy characters, fighting 

intense exquisite, attracted everyone's attention.

  Over time, the "blade and soul" service test date become more closer . This most 

anticipated masterpiece will meet with Chinese players make us feel more looking 

forward to, but inevitably with some worry - Wether the "kimchi" has been gorgeous 

reincarnation now , whether "the blade and soul " is a beautifully packaged kimchi 

urns or still an absolute beauty of the masterpiece?

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