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These interesting details in the "blade and soul"

11/19/2012 AM
        Let's get together to share those interesting small details in the blade soul gold . Maybe some friends who didn't play the game do not know it !

  Hope Played friends can come to share.

  1.First of all is when the roles generated . The version above CBT3 measured will have a professional skills Preview window, you can see the gorgeous effect of their chosen role career fighting . Like this way, I have rarely seen in other games.

  2. Xinshoucun completely is a stand-alone game, I think there is no need to say it again . This experience is also open the first of its kind, the least we do not have to worry .

  3.The fighting in blale soul gold , many of the objects and the bodies fall to the ground can "pick up" and use of them. Such as corpses, bombs, guns, can be thrown out, the power is not small.

  4. What is more interesting is the blade and soul gold eating , eat soup dough, you will see really holding a bowl with chopsticks , bite buns, you will see there are buns adept on bite .

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