2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The measured time of the national dress of blade soul gold has been determined

11/19/2012 PM
        In the very intellectual experience of blade soul gold meeting today , it have been identified measured that the national dress will be opened on December, 17173 has also had a brief visit with the Tencent operations of blade soul gold about the national dress of some specific numbers problems .

  Q: When will the blade and soul 2 measurements will be started ?

  The national dress of the blade and soul 2 measurements will be opened in December, but when is the specific day, we will announce soon.

  Q: whether the national dress of the blade and soul 2 measured liberalization will open the energy system? Does that means the future versions will all have dynamic system?

  National dress measured vitality system research test, but also multi-channel to investigate the national dress of the player's preferences, and then based on this adjustment. Subsequent tests to analyze the case according to this test, so not to say that the vitality of the system had been set, and if the players do not like, it may cancel the system depending on the circumstances.

  Q: What kind of charges did the national dress use ?

  Charges will be determined according to the actual situation of the domestic mode, the national dress of measurement has not begun yet , so it still continues the research, according to the user needs to decide which charges mode.

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