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"Blade and soul gold" innovated the "dual mode and smart lock" mode first

11/19/2012 PM
    "Blade and soul gold" to be the first one who created the "dual-mode + smart lock" mode , which adopted the public long and lead the new trend .

  How to choose the right lock system has been a problem of many online games, the " Blade and soul gold " who is the first one that created the MMORPG "dual-mode + Smart Lock" system, that has brought some new operating experience to players , not only it can enhance the combat experience of the " Blade and soul ", but also did a new contribution to the development of the industry .

  Pioneered intelligent lock system multiple factors Hit

  Uphold the innovative concept of " Blade and soul gold “ first created MMORPG" dual-mode + smart lock "mode, to bring players a new fighting experience. Locking system in the " Blade and soul gold ", the players while moving side to display their normal attacks and skills, the game will automatically lock the center of the frame front sight targeting enemies for the players, no enemy will attack . Hit rate and attack distance, range and orientation factors have relationships, if not locked enemy, in addition to the normal attack range attacks can not cause harm to the enemy.

  "Dual-mode + smart lock" mode designed to simplify and make the operation more flexible real battle, players can be more involved to enjoy the fun fighting the "sword of the Spirit". I believe that with the emergence of more successful innovation, MMORPG will also usher in a new development.

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