2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

 Analysis and personal view of blade and soul gold national service charge mode

11/19/2012 PM
       Classic games can become a classic must have his reasons, and now many people do not like to play the game props charges, because there is no companion, no friends, the game where the crowd is completely fixed, someone who like to play then come here , otherwise they will leave, What is the difference between this and playing single. It might as well play the real stand-alone, at least inside the AI teammates will always accompany us , and when there is danger , they are also willing to come forward.

  I hope that blade and soul gold will be the game. Game operator time charges are absolutely not less than the income of game props charges. The difference is only in the money fast and slow. The vision of far and near .

  Summary: Hope it will be the time charging mode, even it is the double charges also can also be sell . just the props does not affect the fairness of the game can be acceptable.

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