2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The swordsman of blade soul gold family three BUGs

11/21/2012 AM
        【Blade soul gold hanbok information 】spiritual family swordsman career after Blade soul has just been added, there are countless players built a trumpet playing a spiritual family swordsman, players found spiritual family swordsman career several BUG quite annoying, although each job has a BUG, but the spirit of family swordsman as a new career, BUG troubles is not a few old occupations that can match with it .

  Now let us take a look at other BUGs.

       1, The swordsman of blade soul gold family BUG1: After the monster been grabbed by the spiritual family swordsman with the great diversion crawl , even can be also grabbed by wrestlers use grappling taken away from his or her hand.

       2, The swordsman of blade soul gold family BUG2: the spiritual family swordsman great diversion skills exists BUG by itself .

       3 The swordsman of blade soul gold family BUG3: When the spiritual family swordsman use the great diversion, teammates will stunned or knocked the monster down, that will remove great diversion skills.

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