2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade soul gold be the first one innovate joint attack mode

11/25/2012 PM

  Nowadays , no matter what kinds of products are all drawing more attention to the production's innovation , the more innovation you show , the more popular your products will be . Take a look at our blade soul gold , and the blade and soul new attack mode , you will understand why so many game players been attracted by our online game .

  With the approaching of blade and soul national service second test , more about its unique video has released. Recently, in a section of the popular online video , players can see a unique fighting system of the "blade and soul" with a joint attack mode, the players have already learned that the new play methods of "blade and soul" confrontation BOSS novel play from that video.

  In fact, since the development of online games, battle mode has been from the original Friend or Foe to today's flexible to walk and intelligent AI. "Blade and soul" absorbed the essence of the combat system of online games . be the first one created the punch play, let the players combining static and dynamic against the BOSS in the fight, side by side battle. Different vocational skills combined output, perfect performance of collusion in an instant, makes the course full of wisdom in the fighting, also strengthened with the degree of understanding between the players, so we can achieve the situation of a 11> 2> BOSS .

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