2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Abnormal state caused by the blade and soul gold punch technology

11/26/2012 AM
       Every Blade and soul gold game players all know that it has the function of knocking down , dizziness , weakness and knockback martial arts, you can interrupt each other's movements, and in a good position to make their own battle.

  In addition, the blade and soul leader or elite monsters can take advantage of a joint attack skills and then reach to their purpose of causing status abnormalities.

  Using blade and soul punch technology, according to the state caused by the first abnormal effect display , it will show different colors, the abnormal state in afterimage retention period will ignore the other attributes.

  (For example: the boxer’s boxing cause vertigo, the purple dizziness afterimage ignore Assassin mines, in the next instant - the state of knockdown the Church leg sweep boxer abnormalities induced effect.)

  > Knockout
        > Vertigo
        > Weakness
        > Repulsed

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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