2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The share learning experience of blade and soul gold Lux skills

11/26/2012 PM
  When the blade and soul role level has reached to 15 , then how will you learn these skills? This should be the biggest headache problem that each player will face right now! Not only you want to learn this , but you also want to learn that . However , how can you play a unlimited power by using limited resources ? Now blade & soul gold game excellent players will share the best useful experience with all of you .

  1.Winds practice: if you learn this skill , the power will improve when the winds martial roundabout number increased to five times , it will be quite useful when leveling.

  2. Destruction practice: the object will be fainted when been hit by destroyed . this skill can be used continuously if blade and soul gold game players angry enough, then.

  3 control practice: it will be very easy to use a skill when you guys form a team. Especially when you are familiar with the second control , the huge monster can lift.

  At the process of playing blade and soul , I have gained much more useful experience, if you guys want to know more , then just check the website:http://www.bladesoulonline.net/ , then you will know more useful point .

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