2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade soul gold game rebound at the One week Korean online games list

11/26/2012 PM
  As we can see , the competitive among the whole online games in Korean is becoming more and more drastic ,so that also means the blade soul gold is also in a great competition .

  According to the news on november 26 , today Korea's authoritative game ranked portal Gamenote announced a new week of Korean online games list, NCsoft's two masterpiece "blade and soul "and “ Aion "have a strong rebound, back on top again in the forefront.

  At the top 1to10 , last week plunged 7 "blade and soul " and "Aion" have increased again by 7 ranked , respectively gained the second place and the sixth place in the rankings , "Diablo 3" also be strong up 3 ranking, have declined . Due to the collective rise of three online games, many online games, including "FIFA OL2", "raid OL" DNF "and" world of Warcraft " are gliding .

  Between the 11-20 spaces, "Cyphers" increased by four, ranked No. 12, and "Heaven 2", "KartRider" and "GI Joe 2" both decline by two ranking , mainly affected by the "Eternal tower” rising. Besides , last year's masterpiece "TERA" rose by a return this week to the ranks of the TOP 20.

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