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Blade soul gold game team instructions

11/26/2012 PM
  If you encounter white players, as teammates you should also be patient , don’t guidance shall acrimony !

  Blade and soul rely on operation more , it shouldn’t be only judged by the quality of equipment when form a team , the operation does not work, then no matter how nice it is ,it’s also useless.

  Mind must be active when you form a team, a lot of expert players may not have the martial art.

  Bring some new people to try copy , they need a chance to grow.

  Do not be use uncivilized language just only for one mistake , the correct approach is to re-discuss the program.

  Do not force the other players to play the blade soul game according to the Raiders because the Raiders might also has some mistakes .

  Raiders must be simple. Even punch technology is easier said than done.

  Don’t do the things that not let be done. Because there certainly are some reasons do not allow.

  Even if the Raiders failed, just still be polite. Our opponent is the blade soul gold game, not the people. Encountered in the game, may be encountered in other places.

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