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The blade soul gold gossip licensing system

11/27/2012 PM
    Other games always has this kind of contradiction: clothes attributes, but has a very ugly appearance , or maybe the shape is pretty but the property is very ... How will those blade soul gold game players who love both beautiful and powerful to choose?

  The blade soul successfully solved the problem.

  The clothes in the blade soul gold game is not property, and one just is set, so do not have that kind of mix and match saying . Just wear the one that the shape you like , in addition to band camp property, it's just a shape.

  Really have the meaning of equipment in the usual game is the gossip license.

  There have 8 pieces in one gossip card , each block has its own properties, and some attack +1, some dodge +1 such

  The corresponding attributes of gossip license can be selected according to their occupational needs.

  More sets of gossip card game, the equivalent of the other games packages.

  Therefore it also have suit property, save 3 can activate a property, 5 activation can activate two and 8 can activate all .

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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