2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

About the career literacy of very wise IC packaging and testing

11/27/2012 PM
  First all of , we will talk about the occupation , because this test is about the hanbok OBT version (seems the inference we guessed before is correct )

  Open Occupation: Swordsman Assassin boxer Lux the qigong masters Summoner (the sister finally find a home)

  Talking about blade & soul gold on hanbok operators, all career fairly balanced (each with its own pros and cons), but also the generation patch generation God

  So ...... just play the one that your hearts longing for that now! (Maybe later , you will want to play all of those occupation ).


  That version starts in the Korean open the beta . The swordsman have some obvious differences contrast 3 measurements or 2 measurements are have some obvious differences, and it’s more weaken .But it still can not stop career avid gamers 


  The number and variability injury have significantly strengthened compared to the skills in the last test,

  Same PVEPVP ability is very good, exceptionally the single brush ability is very strong .

  But difficult to get started, and the upgrade speed is kind of slowly .

  And as I see there is also a lot of players will choose the career of the assassin (many people Competing ah)

  Anyway , as the essay words limited , I can’t tell more about about the career literacy of very wise IC packaging and testing for now , if you want to know more blade & soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/.

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