2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and soul will open the very wise packaging and testing on Nov 5

11/28/2012 AM
  South Korea's well-known developer the NCSOFT developed , game expect masterwork agents operating in the domestic online game "blade and soul " is about to open on December 5 with its very intellectual IC packaging and testing national dress, the blade soul will use the Korean OBT latest version . So of course you guys can also about to buy blade and soul gold . The forum freemason also has a new revision as the players , it will become a professional discussion area after the revision .

  At the same time, there are heavyweight activities " The blade and soul very intellectual IC packaging and testing national service activation issue activity" synchronous launch. Freemason temple after the revision will collect all kinds of career information, it will convenient for all of your favorite players for the "blade and soul " to get first-hand career information and learn from each other.

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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