2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The preparation about blade and soul gold game very intellectual closures

11/28/2012 AM
  As we all know that , on the test core appreciation this August , the Blade soul gold game had met the domestic players for the first time, after three months, the blade and soul spiritual pole Chi packaging and testing will soon meet the majority of players again on December 5 .

  In the core Appreciation tests, we can appreciate the scenic Royal Dragon forest, sand billowing desert.

  This time, what will we turn insight into and what kinds of powerful enemies we will encounter ? Since December 5, the blade soul gold will open the most part of the map about the Royal Dragon forest and desert, the level cap is up to 36. During the very intellectual IC packaging and testing, the blade and soul Suigetsu plains will be opened through the updated version, level cap increase up to 45, the challenge is some more powerful enemies, collect more gorgeous props. Specific opening hours need blade and soul players concerned about the official network.

  Not only does the IC packaging and testing let the players feeling the vagaries of passion fighting about the very wise blade and soul unique gameplay experience, but also have a search about the problem of server performance, BUG collection, and at the same time ,it has also opened a dedicated feedback channels for player feedback information.

(More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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