2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The new home version for the very intellectual IC packaging and testing

11/28/2012 AM
  "Very wise packaging and testing, the ultimate experience ”. We will get together with the blade soul gold players and welcome the celebration of  game, experience the charm of the blade and soul gold game world.together with the players .

  On the eve of anxiously waiting for the test, I believe that the blade and soul gold players friends have a variety of problems, such as test time, activation code, how to deliver the machine configuration, and game content ... In fact, the project team learned from the various sources , and we are preparing...

  The new official website home page on-line, it get together the portable operations teams Sincere Heart, to provide first-hand the blade and soul very intellectual packaging and testing messages for the majority of players and answer the doubt of players would like to ask .

  The home has a totally new look, it including the blade and soul smart profound essence. Game GALLERY channels activate column, game information, all kinds of activities , a series of exciting game configuration has been officially opened. Players only need to pay attention to the official website News, you can have the opportunity experience the blade and soul brings very intellectual IC packaging and testing .

  With the on line official information station, it has a comprehensive introduction about the packaging and testing very intellectual game content, including occupation, fighting, articles, maps, novice guide, game system, acquisition of manufacturing, we will also updat from time to time, make up data station. Hope everyone can through information stations, understand the blade and soul, otherwise "you do not understand each other, how friends and people talk about it!"

  (More blade and soul gold game information: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/)

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