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The FAQ about blade soul gold game very wise packaging and testing

11/28/2012 PM
  From the recently market game research , to improve the blade and soul gold selling quantity , we have collected some main common problems from the blade and soul players , and now we will make a detail answer for all of you one by one in the following :

  Q1: How to obtain the activation code blade soul gold game very wise packaging and testing?

  Answer: Blade soul gold players can be obtained through participation in official activities.

  Q2: What is the specific time of the packaging and testing of the very wise? And how long it will last ?

  Answer: Test duration: December 5, 2012 - 2013 January 13

  The server specific opening time will be announced before the opening of the test.

  Q3: Will the player’s data of very intellectual packaging and testing retain?

  Answer: Player gaming data will be deleted after the end of the beta , so it won’t be retained .

  Q4: How to distinguish the truth and fake about those information from Game winning player ?

  Answer: The blade and soul gold only official website http://www.bladesoulonline.net/, please do not believe any false website, winning information , do not disclose their account information to anyone. Operations team of the blade and soul will not obtain player’s account information in any way ,so we hope all of blade soul gold players can protect their own account from losing.

  Q5: Where should I put forward my doubt if I encountered a BUG problem in the game or have opinions ? And where should I go to see the raiders and discuss with other blade and soul gold players?

  Answer: Welcome to the official BBS and feedback your Bug problem , valuable comments and suggestions .

  As for some limit , we can just list those above problem here , but you can check more from the website : http://www.bladesoulonline.net/.

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