2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

The depth analysis of offensive and defensive about the blade & soul gold game

11/29/2012 PM
  There is a concept which runs through in the blade and soul fighting spirits that is "change the military situation", then if you want to use simple language to say that is build a defense to fight with the attack that from the other side , while you also need to break it when you are in the face of the other side defense. Traditional online games only to break the attack, on the top of this , blade & soul gold game also added prevent break attack to break the anti-fighting philosophy, which would allow the entire battle becoming a three-dimensional transformation, no matter what kind of moving you make , the opponent is always flaws, so let the blade and soul own a large space and fighting freedom from the beginning of basic battle .

  Delves in depth , the various occupational generally divided into four major defense system: the iron wall, Block, boxing, wood escape the sword of the Spirit.

  Defense is the most basic fighting elements, in addition to the defense, there also has anti-broken, It is precisely because of the anti-break, so our battle content keep changing . [catch] [repression] [crawl] [impact] constitute the Spirit of blade & soul gold breaking anti-system, you can use the tremendous power to break through the enemy's defensive barrier, and can produce a gorgeous even strokes.

  In a word , where there is attack , there is anti . The three offensive , defensive and break vivid turnover battle mechanisms constitute the ever-changing battle strategy of the blade and soul , and either attack, defense, or breaking anti can as an opener skills , then form a set of connected strokes, this is the first essence of the blade and soul .

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